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image Reaching New Horizons Video
Our newest video "Reaching New Horizons", Planet Earth is Dying ....Looking for a new place for the mankind is imperative since we are running out of time ... We need to discover new horizons and maybe meet with other civilizations or lifeforms. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is to come and all you have is today... Peace & Rock & Roll Chris Comet

image Here Comes the Sun Music Video
Here is a video of "Here Comes the Sun", this is the 1st track from the Album "Reaching New Horizons" by Chris Comet & The Tribe Available on Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Amazon and all Digital online music stores for download & Album CD available here. Have fun watching it and share and pass it on Peace & Rock & Roll Chris Comet

image Carry On Music Video
Here is a video of "Carry On", a song from the upcoming album: "Reaching New Horizons" This is a song to honor our vets. This is a critical look at the vets coming back home, many with PTSD, and not being able to be accepted and reintegrating back into society. Too many of them are ending up homeless and being let down by the same people they fought for.

image Down the Corner Video
From the "Reaching New Horizons Album," "Down the Corner" this song depicts life in a small town. Watch and listen and please pass it on.

image New Horizon Album Teaser
"Reaching New Horizons" Is Chris Comet's new album, just being released January, 2020. Here is the teaser video of all the songs.