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Breaking News Chris Comet MTV-USA Artist of the Month award January,February and March 2020. Read more

Breaking News Reaching New Horizons Album number 1 on MTV-USA Top 100 Spotify Music Charts

mtv-usa Here Comes the Sun Again number 8 on MTV-USA Top 100 Spotify Music Charts

Billboark Musik Artist of the month February 2020 on Billboard Musik Read More

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Top 40 Charts New York, NY (Top40 Charts) From out of nowhere this sensational Melodic Rock album was delivered at my house address and I am so glad it did, because we have something special here for sure.. . . . . Read the entire review

mtvrock Our interview on MTV Rock

When and why did you start playing? When I was 3 years old (classical) Rock 1st band at 14 Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? As a Keyboard player I loved Keith Emerson from Emerson Lake & Palmer for his creativity, and virtuosity, Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? Not really I’m coming from the 80’s musical culture and we were all leaving it. . . . . Read more of the interview

ProNews Report The well-written songwriting successfully roots the listener and the artists establish their dominance over the full intensity instrumentals that accompany the lead voice. The consistent and regular play of drum along with strumming guitars makes for the perfect compilation. . . Read the entire review.

gant-mizick Chris Comet and The Tribe -- Chris Comet is a composer, producer, arranger, keyboard player. He also engineered his album project in his Texas-based studio “Soaring Eagle” After a successful musician/producer/session man career over Europe, Chris Comet came to the US 32 years ago, in Hollywood and started playing and producing in famous studios such as Westlake, A&M, Record Plant, Fantasy, Jackson family private studio and so on. . . . . Read all of the blog.

IMAAI Chris Comet and The Tribe Releases a Fantastic Album “Reaching New Horizons” — Chris Comet & The Tribe once again proves that they can always motivate people with their melodious compositions. Their thoughtful and finely crafted soundscape refreshes all hopeful memories and makes the audience feel excited and happy. Their latest record has a great tune and there is a certain melodic intrigue that fully . . . . . Read more of the review.

Issue Wire Review Chris Comet & The Tribe introduces their fine musicality with a stunning song ‘Here Comes the Sun Again’ that quickly impresses the audience with its expressiveness. Built under the label Chris Comet Music, the song ‘Here Comes the Sun Again’ is a fabulous presentation of Chris Comet & The Tribe’s stunning musicality as they have artistically thrown down some surprisingly spirited melodies that sway back and forth to sweep the listener of the feet. . . . Read more.

Spotify Reaching New Horizons 57.5K listeners, 87.8K Streams & 32.2k followers.   Please like and add to your Spotify PlayList. YouTube Reaching New Horizons has over 110k views. Please subscribe to our channel. Soundcloud Channel over 273k plays
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