Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle is a project that Chris composed as a tribute to the resilience, philosophy, spirituality and wisdom of the Native American Indians. The music describes the spirit's journey of an ancient Indian and the youth born in this modern age. The youth must accept his spirit guide and find a way to merge the old philosophy of his people with his modern life and ideals. This music celebrates life and asks you to reach out and embrace "your life" and dare to excel.

You can read the Soaring Eagle Poem/Story and follow the musical "Journey".

Album Credits

  • All tracks composed, arranged, produced, performed and engineereed by Chris Comet
  • Recorded August 2009 at Chris Comet Music Studios San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Publishing: Chris Comet Music - BMI
  • All Instrumental parts played by Chris Comet on Keyboards/Synthesizers & Sampler Drum Machine
  • Synthesizers: Kurzweil, Yamaha, Roland, Akai...
  • Drums: Akai MPC 5000
  • Album concept and artwork: Chris Comet and SMDucos
  • Poem-Story: SMDucos
  • Web Design: SMDucos
I would like to thank my wife Shelly and my parents Gerard and Therese Ducos. Without their love and support this album would never have existed.