Chris has released his latest album "Unlimited" on the first week of December, 2011, and it is currently available for sale on this site. This album was inspired by Freedom of life, culture and creativity and spirituality. Chris cares very much about these ideas that are 'his values in life,” and the social injustice that is actually happening today in America and throughout the world. People want the right to live, hope for a better future and ultimately the pursuit of happiness. The Album “Unlimited' is a testament to freedom and self expression in general. If all instruments were played or performed by Chris, as well as the engineering and mixing, it is only to not have to deal with outside influences and judgments. This was a personal project that needed to be realized by Chris only, even with imperfection in order to be true to himself and to his visions ... We hope that you will enjoy the journey

You can read the "Power to the People" lyrics and discover one of Chris Comet social aspect:

Equality, Justice & Pursuit of happiness for all .

Album Credits

  • All tracks composed, arranged, produced, performed and engineereed by Chris Comet
  • Mixed and Mastered at Soaring Eagle Studio by Chris Comet
  • Recorded Summert 2011 at Chris Comet Music Studios: "Soaring Eagle", Canyon Lake, Texas, USA
  • Publishing: Chris Comet Music - BMI
  • All Instrumental parts played by Chris Comet on Keyboards/Synthesizers & Sampler Drum Machine
  • Synthesizers: Kurzweil, Yamaha, Roland, Akai, Moog, Prophet, Muse...
  • Drums: Akai MPC 5000
  • Album concept and artwork: Chris Comet and SMDucos
  • Video Design and Concept:C.Comet & Shelly M .Ducos
  • Web Design: Shelly M. Ducos


I would like to thank my wife Shelly and my parents Gerard and Therese Ducos. Without their love and support this album would never have existed.